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Tri-Cities Vein & Vascular Institute

Tri-Cities Vein & Vascular Institute is committed to bringing you the highest quality and latest technology in vascular medical treatment services. We are a full service clinic offering Vascular Surgery,Vein Procedures, and Cosmetic Treatments. Our facility is home to the only Accredited Vascular Ultrasound Lab in Southeast Washington.


Our goal at Tri-Cities Vein & Vascular Institute (TCVVI ) is to provide patients in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas with the highest quality diagnosis, care and treatment of vascular conditions.

Our practice serves four core needs:

    1. Vascular Surgery
    2. Vein Procedures
    3. Vascular Ultrasound Lab
    4. Cosmetic Treatments


Our physician, Esteban Ambrad-Chalela M.D. F.A.C.S, is a certified member of the American Board of Surgery Diplomate.

Our friendly and professional support staff strive to make your experience at TCVVI as comfortable and pleasant as possible!


My Leg is Great!
Many Thanks!

Sharon Felton

Dear Dr. Ambrad-Chalela,

About 3 weeks ago, I saw you in your office after a carotid artery ultrasound. You remembered that I had surgery for a melanoma on my shoulder in 2014, but you did not know about my dx of metastatic breast cancer, stage IV, just a month later. You listened patiently as I told the story of my recurrence (after 29 years of remission) and on going treatment to keep the cancer under control. Then you explained that my us results were within normal limits, an to return in 2 years. When you stood up to say good-bye, you walked over to my chair, leaned down and kissed my cheek, saying “God bless you”.  Thank you for such a caring, compassionate gesture. I was deeply touched by your empathy. I received it with joy, and consider it a true spiritual gift- “a holy kiss” (Romans 16:16) You are living breathing evidence of your christian faith; a shining example of God’s love. His blessings to you and yours,

Margo McGowan

“I wish to thank Dr. Ambrad and his staff for what they have done to improve the quality of my life. The surgery that they performed has enabled me to hunt, hike, bicycle, and many other activities I have not been able to enjoy for quite some time. I am thankful for your talent!”


“Dear Tamara and the kind staff at Dr. Ambrad’s office,
I want to thank you so very much for your kind and supportive assistance to me in scheduling, helping with and follow up of my recent surgery with dear Dr. Ambrad. I am deeply grateful to you, and to Dr. Ambrad for this charity! My leg continues to improve and is feeling so much better already. I look forward to seeing you all in June!”


“I know that I was a difficult patient. You couldn’t have made it any easier for me than you did and I truly appreciate the effort. Thank you!”

- Mary Ann

“I want you all to know about Dr. Ambrad’s “above-and-beyond” service tonight.
A patient came in with a gunshot wound to the thigh, with major bleeding from his femoral artery. We were able to slow, but not stop the bleeding with direct and proximal pressure. Dr. Ambrad was not on-call, but he came in anyway within minutes of being called on a Saturday evening and even now remains in the O.R. with the patient. This patient might not have survived transfer, or at least would have had little chance at saving his leg.
We, and more importantly our patients, are fortunate to have Dr. Ambrad on our staff.”

John Matheson, MD, FACEP Medical Director, Emergency Department Kadlec Medical Center

I am 97 years old. I had two aneurysms, and was real fortunate to find a Dr. that would do surgery on me. His name is Ambrad-Chalela. He did a wonderful job. It’s been a month and so far I haven’t had any complications occur. We think he is a great Doctor.

P.S. He had wonderful bedside manner

- Lester

Thank you for stopping by when you were out on call. We appreciate what you do for our community.

- Raul

Thank you so much for all that you do. It is truly an honor and privilege to work with you. I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful friend. Much love and blessings in the coming year. Salud y amor y tiempo para disfrutarlas.

- Annaleise

Dear Dr. Ambrad-Chalela,

I have had more than a year to come to a decision regarding any further surgeries. I made the decision not to and nothing has changed my mind since then. I have been blessed several times in my life with surgeries under the gifted hands of wonderful Doctors and the miracle of modern medicine. It has allowed me to have 77 years of quality life. Considering my age, medical history, physical make up, compromised auto-immune system, along with the high risk of successful outcome, I do not want and will not accept any further interventions to prolong my life. This includes any and all intravenous procedures in the event of bleeding or other type of medical episode. You have my sincerest thank you for your honesty and integrity. You are a very fine Dr. and a man of character. You touched me deeply with your compassion. I have no desire to die and leave this life behind, but for me it is time to put my life in God’s hands and die in God’s time, with gratefulness for all that God has blessed me with.
Thank you for your service.


Dear Dr Ambrad-Chalela,

Just a note to say thanks and a touch of appreciation.  Everything seems to be going really well.  You’re a great driver and Melvin must be so appreciative for you and your skills.  Hope you gave him a little poking for missing his schedule.  Seems that I have a way of doing that to him.  Thanks again.  May your skills and care bring you great joy.  And may the Lord look over you and yours.


Dr Ambrad and Staff,

I came to you, Doctor, because I knew you, trusted you, and liked you.  I knew you worked some with skin and you could recommend something which might help the problem.  You did and recommended a cream which erased the redness, and helped relieve the pain.  Thanks.  Doctor, I think you are one of the best physicians that I have known, and you have a wonderful staff.  I would highly recommend you and your staff to anyone.  I hope you will always be my friend. Have a wonderful Christmas.  I’m having some people at my house on Super Bowl Sunday (nothing fancy… Doctor you and your staff are invited).


Dr Ambrad,

Thank you for stepping up when you were not on call.  We appreciate what you do for our community.



How proud your mother must be for her MD son!!! How wonderful!


“Dr Ambrad and Staff – We just wanted to thank you for the care and tenderness you provided our mother and grandmother in her time of need.  With our complete gratitude, please enjoy these roses from her garden.  God Bless.”

Melva’s family

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful products and advice. I really like them all and the protective cream is amazing! Thank you once again for your prayers and your kindness.”


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